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Pathways from the workforce

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you've got on-the-job experience, informal or employer-based training, you may be eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

RPL acts as credit towards a qualification to ensure you aren't training in skills you already have.

Swinburne assesses RPL for all of our courses.

Prior to starting the process you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What informal or on-the-job training have I done that might be relevant?
  • What activities have I done at work or in social or community based tasks?
  • How recently did I learn and/or utilise my skills?
  • How can I prove I can perform these skills or possess this knowledge?

Application process

You must identify the course or qualification you're seeking recognition of competence for, and follow the outlined process.

RPL process for university courses

You should submit your application for RPL with your course application before you commence your studies.

Before submitting your application, you must first contact Student HQ to determine whether you will be required to prepare a portfolio or undertake a formal assessment.

RPL process for Vocational Education (TAFE) courses

The first step in the RPL process for Vocational Education (TAFE) courses is to book an appointment with a course adviser.

You can also view our list for FAQs for more detail on the assessment process.

Get personal advice

Book an appointment to receive advice and discuss pathway and credit exemptions with a Swinburne Future Student Adviser.